How to fix a hacked Android phone?

Cybercrime is a growing problem: millions of phones are regularly hacked, and the first signs of such a hack are often difficult to immediately recognize. In this article, we will tell how to fix a hacked Android phone.

Android: how to find out that your phone has been hacked?

In today’s digital age, mobile phones are rapidly replacing computers. Reading the news about hacked accounts and “leaked” passwords, most people in their hearts are sure that none of this will ever happen to them. But in practice, no one is safe from password theft or hacking attempts.

Our phone or chat rooms often contain personal information that attackers can use for their purposes. For example, card numbers, access to online banks, home addresses, or work correspondence. It is easy to get logins and passwords for applications with a smartphone in hand because they are often sent by SMS. And scammers can find out about your elderly relatives and deceive them using all known information.

Phones with the popular Android operating system are often easy prey for attackers. Devices with this open operating system quickly get unauthorized programs from questionable sources. Even apps from a trusted Google Play store aren’t always safe.

Typical signs of a broken android comprise:

  • Your smartphone will be slower than usual. If your phone has malware running in the background, your phone will run slower than usual. It will also affect the performance of trusted apps on your phone and may also affect your phone’s network connectivity. So, this malware can hinder your phone’s performance and can degrade the quality of apps on your phone.
  • Your phone sends and receives messages on its own. If your friends receive strange or offensive messages, it means that someone else is doing this through your phone, causing unnecessary trouble for you. Hackers can also try to steal information from your phone using unsolicited messages.
  • You may find new applications on your phone that you have not installed. Your phone manufacturer or network service provider may install applications and updates to your phone from time to time. However, if you suddenly discover some new applications on your phone, they may be from malicious sources on the Internet that want to hack your phone and misuse it.

How to protect your phone from hacking: prevention

The following steps will help you protect yourself from a hacker attack:

  • Turn off Bluetooth on your device when you are not using it. This will make it harder for hackers to access your mobile phone;
  • Have you installed the latest software updates? Regularly update your applications to the latest version;
  • Set access blocking for third-party content providers to avoid hidden subscriptions;
  • Do not open phishing messages or messages that seem strange to you;
  • Control the use of data by your applications.

How to fix a hacked phone?

There is the following algorithm of actions to fix your android:

  • If you receive an email with a URL and don’t see the full link, don’t click on it;
  • When logging into your account, do not click on the “remember passwords” function;
  • Change passwords from your computer on all services that you have access to on your phone – social networks, mail, important services with personal information;
  • Disable the Wi-Fi feature, which automatically connects your phone to the nearest Wi-Fi network without asking you before connecting. Connect Wi-Fi manually;
  • It would be best not to conduct any banking transactions over public Wi-Fi networks and, if possible, completely avoid using public Wi-Fi networks;
  • Install your antivirus and use your password or pattern to unlock your phone.
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Lenovo IdeaPad 3 review

Lenovo IdeaPad 3 laptop is suitable for productive work, varied leisure, simple learning. This device will become an excellent assistant in any task, will be a reliable travel companion, and will give you the opportunity not to sit at one desk, but to do business from any comfortable place in the world. This article will consider the main parameters and features of Lenovo IdeaPad 3.

Lenovo IdeaPad 3: a budget laptop with a new processor

Lenovo is one of the best technology companies in the world for innovative PCs and mobile Internet devices. Lenovo is the world’s number one PC maker and the fourth largest smartphone supplier. The company is included in the Global Fortune 500.

At the moment, Ideapad is not even a line, but an independent brand of Lenovo laptops, under which a variety of solutions are sold, including frankly budget ones.

IdeaPad 3 laptops break stereotypes about devices for everyday use. Advanced Intel® Core ™ 10th generation processors and optional discrete graphics cards allow you to unleash the potential of your systems and get a wide range of multimedia capabilities.

The built-in matrix is simple and reliable. She has excellent realistic color reproduction. The ability to transfer detail will also delight when playing games or watching a movie. The screen has received an anti-reflective coating, which allows you to comfortably interact with the laptop regardless of the lighting.

Lenovo IdeaPad looks very stylish, while to some extent minimalistic. Lenovo IdeaPad has a sleek and modern design. The body is made of matte gray plastic, which also makes the device lighter. The laptop keyboard is responsive and responsive. The model also has a camera that provides video communication and has a resolution of 1280×720 (HD).

Main characteristics

The presented model is representative of modern technology. Its high performance and versatility are good value for money. In this price segment, the Lenovo IdeaPad 3 laptop has some of the best features. The device received the following parameters and indicators:

  • The motherboard has two slots for installing DDR4 RAM (maximum 32GB), two M.2 slots for solid-state drives, and a SATA3 connector for connecting a 2.5 “HDD.
  • Almost all ports are on the left side of the laptop: RJ-45, HDMI video out, USB 3.0, USB-C (data-only), and 3.5mm audio jack. On the right, next to the exhaust of the cooling system, is another USB 3.0.
  • The laptop is equipped with a 120 Hz IPS-level matrix from BOE with the NV156FHM-NX1 marking. The display covers 45% of the NTSC color space, which is approximately 56% sRGB equivalent. The maximum brightness of the panel is 250 nits, the laptop is comfortable to use at 80% for this parameter.
  • The sound subsystem of the laptop consists of two 1.5-watt speakers with Dolby Audio support. You can watch a movie or TV show on this laptop without any problems, but the music does not sound as good as we would like, and the speakers are clearly not powerful enough.
  • The laptop uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections to communicate over wireless networks. To connect other devices, HDMI, USB 2.0, and USB 3.1 Type C ports are used.
  • IdeaPad 3 cares about the safety of your personal information and privacy. The laptop is equipped with a TPM 2.0 cryptographic module, which securely encrypts the information stored on the media.
  • Nvidia GeForce MX330 Discrete 2GB Card enables your notebook to display smoothly video and efficiently display graphics. Their resources are enough to watch movies of high quality, use graphic editors and run undemanding games.
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How to download PUBG mobile?

PUBG is a fast-growing online battle royale game. This mobile version called PUBG Mobile is practically non-existent. Therefore, in this article, we will explore how to play this game on PC.


What is PUBG mobile?


PUBG Mobile (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) is a project of the Timi Studio Group (made up of 6 development teams) under the wing of publisher Tencent Games. Previously, the developers dealt with Honor of Kings, now known as Arena of Valor, as well as other games. Now their portfolio has been replenished with a mobile battle royale shooter powered by Unreal Engine 4. The project is based on the PC version of PUBG and is a stripped-down copy of it. It contains maps from the original, weapons, and even rules, and the interface with controls is adapted for mobile devices.

PUBG mobile differs from PUBG PC, primarily in that it is free. The mobile version has simplified graphics, which can be seen in the visual effects. Because of this, the game is less demanding on the system characteristics of the PC. The desktop version will work without freezing even on a weak computer.

The essence of the battle royale concept is to become the last player standing. The player who will survive in the end will be the winner. But at the beginning, up to a hundred players land on the island at once. They begin to collect weapons and equipment scattered across the territory for defense and attack. So that the participants in the battle do not constantly sit out and collide with others, the game location is constantly decreasing.

How to download PUBG mobile?


When PUBG Mobile is installed on your PC, the game will automatically launch. The game will initially launch in Chinese as Tencent Games is a Chinese company.

When playing PUBG Mobile on PC, you should not forget that the game was originally released for Android and iOS, and on PC it is possible to play it using an emulator that assigns control buttons to the keyboard keys on the screen. The preset buttons can be changed by clicking on the Key Mapping button located on the panel to the right of the game.

In order to download the official PUBG mobile emulator from Tencent, first, you need to go to the developer’s website: http://syzs.qq.com/en/. Then you need to do the following steps:

  • Click the Download button;
  • Downloading the launcher;
  • We start the installation of the emulator (as administrator);
  • Load the game (automatically together with the emulator);
  • Choosing an installation location;
  • Click Install (installation takes from 1 to 5 minutes);
  • After installation, click Start.

After PUBG mobile download, the game client itself is available (about 700 MB). From time to time, windows will pop up where you need to select the level of graphics settings. Then you will see a similar window, where you have a choice: SD, HD, or Ultra HD. You need to choose the graphics quality that your computer can handle. SD is the most simplified version with a 720p screen resolution. If the video card is:

  • below 2 GB – install SD;
  • from 2 GB to 4 GB – HD quality;
  • above 4 GB – Ultra HD.


The characteristics of the game

Among the main peculiarities, there can be distinguished:

  • Important game events are displayed in the familiar right corner of the display;
  • The use of vehicles of different types;
  • Access to all types of equipment and weapons;
  • Advanced settings in character creation;
  • The ability to create teams of four members.
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