4 Major Players in file sharing software

File sharing and file exchange are the necessary components in the operation of any enterprise, which provides efficient data synchronization and collaboration between employees and departments. However, it is important to be aware of the security risks associated with any type of file sharing, as well as the best file-sharing solutions.

Why is it recommended to use file-sharing software?

File sharing is an important part of any business today, and with the increasing shift to remote work for their employees, businesses and organizations need to be able to share large files as quickly and securely as possible. Much of today’s data is transferred using online tools, so choosing a secure file-sharing service is critical to preventing security threats and protecting sensitive data. Among the main reasons for using file-sharing solutions are the following:

  • Reliably protected storage of important files in encrypted form, including in public cloud storage.
  • Encrypted file exchange between user devices (work computer, home computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone).
  • File exchange in encrypted form with other users, with the possibility of the group (files are intended for several recipients) and individual (files are intended only for a specific recipient) addressing.
  • The possibility of storing in one encrypted container (files) various files intended for the user, including those structured in different folders.

The main areas of development of the company’s security policy in terms of protection of file-sharing information are the definition of data that must be protected, the definition of persons and what harm they can cause to the company in the informational aspect, as well as the identification of risks and the definition of a scheme for their reduction to an acceptable value. Enterprises are on the path of business digitalization. This is an objective process of building a digital economy, which no one will be able to avoid. Moreover, the coronavirus pandemic has only intensified and accelerated this global trend.

Which are the four major players in file-sharing software?

Among the four major players in file-sharing software are the following:

  1. Dropbox.

Dropbox is a well-known cloud data storage system on servers. The free program belongs to the company of the same name; the developer is its founder Drew Houston. Share documents, folders, sections, or even your entire account with different permissions with everyone you like.

  1. BitTorrent Sync.

BitTorrent Sync is a powerful program designed for the safe backup and synchronization of files. We are talking about peer-to-peer synchronization. Create contributor groups that you can share with many people at once! Audit logs, even previews, and downloads, provide a great overview of everything done by anyone on your system.

  1. DataRooms.

Powerful real-time information search functionality is built into DataRooms document management software, so you can search documents not only by file name and metadata such as keywords but also by file content thanks to optical character recognition technology. Check https://datarooms.com.br/ for more detailed information.

  1. Citrix ShareFile.

Citrix ShareFile file-sharing service is a great tool for improving business efficiency because it allows employees to quickly access important files and data when they need it. It allows you to easily update and back up all your files in real-time, mitigating the effects of a potential computer, crash or data leak.

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